Samsung 19th November is not related to Exynos 2200! Then what is it related to?? Details given below!


A recent update from Samsung Exynos confirmed that the event on 19th November 2021 is not concerned with Exynos at all! Yes, you read it right! People were hyped that it’s related to Exynos but now there is more confusion as to what it is, if not Exynos!

Samsung post on Instagram.

Recently two days back Samsung Exynos updated their Instagram profile that something big is going to happen on 19th November 2021 where they mentioned ” Everything changes on November 19, 2021″. Everyone expected that it will be related to Exynos-2200 but recently the company confirmed that the event on 19th November is nothing related to Exynos.

The post that hyped people with the thought that the Samsung Exynos 2200 is going to unveil next week is now said to be unrelated to Exynos fully! So what can it be? No other information has been given by Samsung Exynos till now!

Rumors of Samsung Semiconductors!

There were a lot of rumors of Samsung semiconductors being a part of the event on 19th November 2021 since  Samsung’s semiconductors Twitter account has been seen to be very active lately. Samsung even confirmed that it will start mass production of 3nm-based semiconductors from the beginning of the first half of 2022 which is almost two months away. So can we expect the Semiconductors update on 19th November!?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, still after the recent update people are inclined to the thought of semiconductors.


A hint of a gaming-related update.

Seeing the post on Instagram confirmed that something related to gaming is to be released on 19th November. All most half of the gamers are praying that this is true! In May 2021, Samsung and AMD announced to development of the Exynos 2200  with RDNA2 technology. The recent release is powered bySSE9925 which should be exactly Exynos 2200. the test radiofrequency was 2.59GHz but “the cat” has said it can go up to 3GHz. It was designed to fight the processors of the mighty apple company. Thus the above two tech giants shook hands back in 2019. they committed themselves to this project for overall 2 years. but as the Twitter handle posted that it was not about Exynos but their technical team. We can expect that it will hit the world market by 2022.


Samsung’s habit of hyping things up!

Although there are a lot of hints and rumors in the recent tweet of Samsung, it has been said that there is gonna be no update on the chipsets but rather some changes in the social accounts. This reminds us of the Unpacked 2 event where a major announcement was said to be delivered and it ended up giving us foldable phones which was not a major announcement at all! So it’s better to keep fewer expectations this time or you all may die out of disappointment.


So 19th November 2021 is an unpredictable day where no one can guess what is going to happen, it can be something related to gaming, or as the tweet said it can be related to social accounts or it can be a super shocker by being all three! So let’s wait until the big day to see what happens!

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