“Death’s Gambit: Afterlife” to be physically released on Steam with more areas to explore and many other features!


Switch reveals to physically release death’s Gambit: Afterlife which is an expansion of Death’s Gambit which was released back in 2018 in  Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

About Death’s Gambit.

It is a 2d game that was developed by the White Rabbit back in 2018.

Death’s Gambit could have been a beautiful combination like butter on popcorn foreign Castlevania Symphony of the night-inspired pixel art over the demanding gameplay of a souls-like feels like a pairing that should lead fans of both to fall in love. Unfortunately, Death’s Gambits execution fails to fully realize its buttery premise though this 2d action game achieves an unsettling horror vibe and features some cool art it can become confusing and frustrating and not in a fun way like Dark Souls or Blood-Borne.

This gambit draws you in with a mysterious gothic horror as the yarn about Sauron an undead Knight revived with a grim reaper to kill an army of immortal monsters. It isn’t especially hard to piece the whole thing together but waves of flashbacks and nightmares cultivate an air of mystery and stir a sense of dread that vague horror vibe is death scammed its best attribute by far enhancing that atmosphere the art style relies on a pixelated 32-bit aesthetic meant to specifically evoke the classic castle Castlevania symphony of the night though you may see every pixel the character’s enemies and landscape carry a remarkable amount of detail bringing to life a world in ruin.

Though much of death’s gambit looks great see written is a strange and not especially well-built video game world. The plot pushes you through it in an almost linear fashion but you have frequent opportunities to veer off to new seemingly optional areas with new places to see and bosses fight what it doesn’t tell you is that most of the areas are mandatory and missing one can leave you wondering where you’re supposed to go next forcing you to retrace your steps worse than those navigation issues is the pacing and lack of direction the difficulty of each implies that you’re meant to tackle the ministries of order but that’s never properly telegraphed in ways that similar games do.

About Steam

Steam is a digital publishing and rights management platform created by the Valve Corporation and well you can tell by the logo this is intended to be part of a steam engine. This platform allows various publishers to publish digital goods. You can also find applications, videos, and television shows, then there is music and many more things available in steam! Most of them need to be purchased but you will also find a free stuff category where u can download them for free.

About Death’s Gambit: Afterlife

The developer White Rabbit demonstrates their passion and dedication to their 2018 release of death gambit now death’s gambit afterlife is the reimagining of the original game boasting a complete mechanical overhaul alternate endings, 6 new bosses, 10 new levels, areas to explore, more weapons, a slew of quality life changes and over 100 new talents.

It was released digitally on  September 30, 2021. The physical release can be expected in January 2022!

The trailer of “Death’s Gambit: Afterlife” is given below.


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