VR Haptics going to use chemicals to help people experience skin touch! Read to know more!


The virtual reality that we experience through VR will never feel real until we get to touch and feel things. With the up-gradation of technologies and gadgets in this tech-world researchers have come up with a thing called chemical haptics which will help people to not only see and hear things in VR but also feel and touch them! They have designed and built self-contained wearables which a person can wear anywhere of the body like legs, hands, or even face just that it should make contact with the skin.

What is a VR?

For those who don’t know what VR stand for-

VR stands for Virtual Reality. Like the name suggested it means a stimulating experience that can be similar or different from the real world. Virtual reality is used for gaming where humans or hybrids and different kinds of places are made, it is also used for medical and military training and it is even used for business where people arrange virtual meetings!


VR places the user inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them they and able to interact with 3D worlds. The first-ever VR was made by Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob  Sproull in 1968 but it was very much large and scary so it was rejected. Soon as the evolution of VR went on US military and even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) used it for their training purposes. Slowly VR headsets were used for Gaming and even to get a better experience of nature. It could help people to see places more realistically while sitting at home. The main aim of haptic technologies is to make a user of a device experience physical sensations that are simulated through the use of other technologies.

Although VR is a great gadget and it’s hyped among people who still can’t see it everywhere, this is because it’s very much expensive and it’s not a necessity.  People only use them as a luxuries thing or when they are at a disadvantage of body disability or movement. VR is also used for high-level gaming or when people want to play outdoor games inside the house for example PlayStation VR which is famous among youngsters!

The new upgradation

Over the years the only challenge or rather a weak point of VR was the absence of physical touch. People could see and experience the view but they couldn’t feel it. This new development of the new haptic VR hardware which applies chemicals on the skin to trigger responses that are created by the researcher’s changes everything. It makes VR even more effective and awesome! Now people won’t only hear and see but also feel them. Many people who are sick or disabled and can’t go out much or rather can’t go out to faraway places can now just sit at home and experience this full thing without any trouble.

With this new release, the market demand is surely going to increase at a rocket speed but am sure that the price of this new haptic VR hardware will not be anywhere around the word “cheap”

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