Amid the Rumours of the multiplayer getting an early launch New Halo infinite Teaser releases!!


New Halo infinite teaser releases! Even though a lot of rumors were that the multiplayer will be early!

About Halo infinite

Halo Infinite is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated Xbox Series X games of 2021, and it promises to reboot Microsoft’s iconic Halo franchise from the ground up after the disappointment faced by their fans from the previous 2 Halo games, Halo 4 and Halo 5. The new Halo was supposed to be a launch title for the PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles, but it was delayed since Covid-19 hit the world which stopped all the work to the Covid-19 plus there were less than favorable feedback from fans after its gameplay reveal. In recent days the Insider Flight of Halo Infinite which tested the multiplayer systems, and the gun
The play of the game was seen very positively by the halo fans

Facts about Halo

It is the sixth game in the main series of halo which was out on December 8, 2021. You can find the game on Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. Halo Infinite will also be on Xbox Game Pass from day 1. It also has the facility of split-screen multiplayer!


After how badly Halo 5 was received by the community due to its terrible story and unfair multiplayer systems, 343 Industries went back to the drawing board and took inspiration from the Bungie Halo games specifically Halo Combat Evolved, released in 2001, to improve the condition of the Halo franchise. As of today the Multiplayer Tech Preview done by 343 industries was received very positively by the community as it was simple and back to the basics which all Halo fans grew up with and love. All the Story Teaser and Trailers showing Master Chief, his new AI friend named “The Weapon”, Atriox (the main villain of the story), and other characters, was also loved by almost every halo fan out there. The new open-world, the world-building, and the graphics were extremely impressive in the game!

Spoiler Filled showcase

On 11 th of November, IGN released an 11-minute video of the Halo Infinite campaign of their first on hands experience of Halo Infinite. The main issue with this showcase was that it contained spoilers for the game’s story about the in-game factions, boss fights, cut scenes about the main story, and other side story stuff. The gameplay in the showcase was pretty good and was taken in positively but a lot of people didn’t like the soilers shown in the video because Halo Infinite will be the last Halo game featuring. Spartan-II John 117, Master Chief, as the main character. People would have appreciated a campaign showcase with little to no spoilers for this game but here in this case IGN revealed quite a lot of huge spoilers about the main story which made a lot of people upset. Also since the Halo Infinite Tech Preview, a lot of story details got leaked from the files of the demo that was available to the players. So just a heads up to all the halo fans out there to be just aware of all the content you are watching on the internet because there are some major spoilers floating around on the internet.

About Bungie

Halo was initially developed by Bungie from 2001 to 2011 before they split up with Microsoft Bungie later went on to develop Destiny and Destiny 2 and then joined hands with ActivisionAfter Bungie left Microsoft, 343 Industries started to develop Halo CE Remastered with Microsoft and Saber Interactive and then developing the Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo 2 Remastered, and then Halo Master Chief Collection which ported all the Halo games except Halo 5 to pc which allowed pc players to join in the fun.


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