New features bought to iOS users with Google One subscription by Google Photos!


With the developed space of iPhones, a lot of users have increased day by day. The iOS goes hand in hand with the Androids in terms of ownership. Being an American multinational technological company, Apple Inc. focuses on computer and online services. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, its CEO since 2011 is Tim Cook. Although the initial motive of Apple was for computer purposes only, it has since branched out and created more such as iMac, Mac Books, iWatches, etc. Apple is, reportedly, the world’s largest technology company by revenue and, since January 2021, it is the world’s most valuable company.


With the touch of Sundar Pichai, things have always looked quite interesting. The multiple branches of Google – Google Photos, Google Drive, etc have been widely popular. Much to people’s delight, they do not have to worry about storage anymore.

However, things looked, even more, better in 2018. With the launching of Google One, it felt like people’s eyes finally opened to something bigger. Three years ago, on August 15, 2018, Google LLC launched its Google One. Google One is a subscription service that provides more storage than what the other Google branches give. In simple words, it offers more cloud storage.

Now the question comes – How is Google One different from Google Drive. It is simple. Google Drive allows us to store stuff in it freely but it has limited storage too, just like every other service. Google One, on the other hand, has to be purchased. Upon subscribing, it gives us more storage to store our works. Similarly, this bit works in Google Photos as well.

Now with iOS users, the scope of editing and beautifying of pictures is immense. The plethora of settings already built in the iOS devices prevents the users from depending on other software or applications. However, for the Google One subscribers of iOS devices who also have Google photos, things might look good for them.

The Pixel mobiles last year got a lot of effects and filters with various advantages, introduced by Google. The next step had been to launch these to the Androids, for people having Google One subscription. Now, after the wait, the iOS users can finally access them.


The Google Photos, upon updating automatically had included a lot of new stuff, in the iOS devices. Following are the new switches that are added to Google Photos.

#Sky switch – With this switch, iOS users can change the color of the sky in however way they would like. The users can then color and contrast from the palette provided.

#Blurr switch – Just like the name suggests, with this switch the users can blue the images in however way they want.

#HDR switch – This switch increases the contrast of the image as well the brightness.

#Portrait Light switch – This switch helps in changing the position and brightness of light in the images.

#Color focus switch -This switch helps in the desaturation of the background, while the users can keep the foreground color for the images.

#Smart suggestions switch – This switch helps in easy access towards one-tap edits that adapt to each photo.

One needs to have an iOS device with the Google One subscription and Google Photos to use these features.


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