More than 30 streaming apps merges with Google TV, this can be a serious opportunity for google tv!


With the flow of time, daily life is changing day by day. Philo Farnsworth who invented the first television would have never even thought that it would have upgraded so much. From his creation of the image dissector to dish tv the path was a long one but indeed a fruitful one.

In recent times people use more of tv apps which we can use on our mobile phones and personal computers than the television itself.  With each passing day, the number of streaming audiences is increasing thus making this market a hugely profitable market!


One of those apps is called Google TV which is created and controlled by Google. About 10 years ago Google announced something revolutionary in the smart tv category which was Google TV. Google tv combined chrome as well as different google services all into a set-top box or built into your Tv and it came with a PC keyboard-type looking remote. then three years later in 2013, Google came out with another new product called Google Chromecast. Google Chromecast was so revolutionary because it was super affordable and it was able to be plugged into an existing tv and instantly give you smart tv functionality.

You could instantly play a youtube video or a Netflix movie on your TV with the help of the internet and your mobile phone which was less time-consuming and more than amazing. This service offers users to either rent or buy both movies and series.   Over the years we’ve seen a few different types of Chromecast where it has improved a lot than what it used to be but it is still a simplified smart tv that lets you use the phone as the remote to play movies onto the tv. It is also a 4K supported device which means your tv does not need to have 4K but even if it does the picture quality will just going to be much better! It also has a system in the remote which can help u to speak the words into the TV. You can not only watch movies and series but also do anything that you would do with google assistant. You can also link up your CCTV with google tv and watch it anytime you want. You can even use the remote of google tv on your mobile phone by downloading the app called Android tv remote app!


Google TV merges with over 30 streaming apps and services. The list is given below:

ABC, Amazon Prime Video, AMC, Apple TV+, A&E, Comedy Central, Crackle, Crunchyroll/Funimation,
DC Universe, Disney NOW, Disney+, Epix Now, Fox Now, FuboTV, Google Play Movies (now Google TV), Hulu, HBO Go, HBO Max, History, Kocowa, Lifetime, MTV, NBC, Pantaya, Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access), Peacock, Philo, Pluto TV, Showtime, Showtime Anytime, Sling TV, Starz, TBS, The CW, TNT, Tubi TV, Viki/Rakuten, VH1, YouTube, YouTube TV. This can be game-changing for their revenue as this brings all the powerful major production houses and steaming platforms under one roof, making it more convenient for the users!

Google has never failed to surprise us with new products or features or the up-gradation of an existing product. I hope to see more mind-blowing products and features in the future.

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