Android 12L trying to fix the wallpaper problem which is destroying game experience! Read below to know more!


A lot of people have been using Androids with the exception of having iOS as well. The demand for both are high, but in Asia, the demand for Android is a tad bit higher than iOS. Ranging from mobile phones to computer appliances to television sets, Androids come in hand in every way.

What is wallpaper?

Wallpapers give meaning to the different appliances. Just like how our eyes are the visible part of our brain, similarly, a wallpaper represents somewhat the personality of a user. Often, the wallpapers are considered personal. It’s a private world of the user and user only. May it be the wallpaper of a desktop or a mobile, it’s sure to hint at the user’s choices and preferences.

Wallpapers represent the thoughts of the users. It somewhat makes the user’s brain naked. Therefore, why do people consider it very meaningful? With the advanced technologies, however, the world of wallpapers has changed a lot. There was once a time where we could set the wallpapers from the set of options given to us in the “settings”. Now, however, one can download loads of wallpapers from the internet and keep them stored. A number of wallpapers are found now which match the wants of the users.

The rotation of wallpapers on the home screen is by far one of the greatest developments in the world of wallpapers. No longer does one have to remain confined with one wallpaper. The changing of wallpaper simultaneously in the background gives more a stronger vibe.

The Problem with the beta version of Android 12

The beta version of Android 12 rolled out on the 18th of May, this year. It finally got released for the public on October 4, this year through Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This, however, like every other new update contained a lot of bugs.

Android 12 came with a lot of features notably Material You, a theming engine, upgraded privacy features, and more. This way it had plenty of bugs in the final release.


One of these bugs was the bug that affected the gaming community the most is related to the dynamic theming engine. The bug is that whenever the wallpaper, in the background changes, the applications tend to restart themselves.

Now if we imagine someone deeply involved in a game, the sudden change of the wallpaper would immediately restart the game again. This leads to a scenario where games could crash if the device wallpaper automatically changes in the background.

Why is the problem arising?

This issue is mainly because with the changing of the wallpapers, the new ones restart all app activities so that they use the new colors from the wallpaper for theming purposes. This bug affects popular Android games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and many others.

In mid-September, the bug was first reported on the Google Issue Tracker, and despite Google rolling out multiple updates since then, it remains unresolved. Mishaal Rahman, the Senior Technical Editor at Esper, said that this issue will be tackled in Android 12L. The fix will ensure that background wallpaper changes will not trigger theme changes or force app activities to restart, thereby preventing crashes.


Android 12L is meant for devices with a big display, like tablets and the new foldable, though it will also fix a number of Android 12 technicality dysfunctions. Google has so far only released the first developer preview of Android 12L, with beta testing for the OS set to commence from December and last until February. The final release is scheduled to go live in early 2022.

So till then, the only solution is to switch off the changing of wallpapers and only set it to a single one till Android 12l rolls out.


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