Dimensity 9000 5G chipset on 4nm process revealed by MediaTek! Click to find out more details!


With the evolution of humanity, a lot of new technology has been invented. To keep up the production of such technologies and for the up-gradation of these technologies to make them even better than before a lot of new companies have been founded! Humans have progressed through all ways of living. From cartwheel cars to Formulae 1, from eating raw food to eating a new type of recipe with a mixture of raw materials and many more such up-gradation, we have come a long way! Similarly, with all these upgradations we also have a product called semiconductor which can provide chips to many electronics products! The performance of the electronic product mainly depends on this semiconductor for which a lot of companies are already competing to make better chips with more features or better features.

Mediatek is a Taiwan-based company that produces semiconductors. They can provide chips that can be used for wireless communications, smartphones, tablets, and PC. It is founded on 28th May 1997

Founder and Features

MediaTek provides us with the chips for wireless communications. It also provides us with smartphones, tablets, computers as well as home appliances like highly advanced television.

It also serves us with navigation systems that help people to track places through unknown places, consumer multimedia products, and digital subscriber line services as well as optical disc drives.

The founder of MediaTek Inc. is Tsai Ming-kai. The headquarters of MediaTek Inc. is in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The CEO of MediaTek Inc. is Rick Tsai and Tsai Ming-kai.

Currently, MediaTek has revenue of 32,215 crores TWD, as of 2020. With the high demands and latest updates, MediaTek has always had a competition with Snapdragon 888. The latest introduction might be able to turn the tables.

The new revelation

MediaTek has recently announced its new product launch the Dimensity 9000. The Dimensity 9000 is believed to be the first TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) chip having a 4nm chip with the cores arranged in the configuration of 1 + 3 + 4.

MediaTek has said that the chip will be able to support LPDDR5x RAM and will give a speed of up to 7500Mbps in mobile phones and smartphones. The company has also attached the chip with an integral 14MB of cache which has been claimed to improve the performance by 7%. The bigger cache will also improve the bandwidth consumption by 25% in contrast to the chipsets that just have 8MB of cache. The chip has also outclassed other chips in the preliminary Geekbench performance test.

Dimensity 9000 also has a Mali-G710 GPU. The new chipset has the ability to capture 4K HDR video from three cameras simultaneously which is more than awesome. The chip also brings a ray tracing SDK for developers to improve graphics on apps and games.

Along with all these, the Dimensity 9000 comes with Bluetooth 5.3, for the first time.  it also has wifi, Bluetooth audio with wireless stereo audio.

Now the question remains how will the smartphones use them when now they have the same top qualities and the best features in both MediaTek and Snapdragon 888 successor. The Dimensity 9000 is expected to go up against the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip and give a good fight for sales!

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