Oppo reveals new RENO series with specifications! Launching soon, details are given below!


In this generation, you can see the competition of being best everywhere starting from a normal household to multi-millionaire companies, where you can feel the competition in the air, the constant pressure to rise and be the best among everyone and the fight to keep holding your position! One of the toughest competition arenas is the mobile phone and its technological fight among different companies like Samsung, Oppo, Nokia, and many more. To keep winning and holding the top place in this competition every company needs to keep on getting innovative ideas and introduce new phones and features so that people get attracted to them.

Importance of mobile phone

In the early ages of telephones, most households didn’t have a telephone. Many people considered it as a luxury good! Even when the first touch mobile ‘the horizontal-sliding HTC Dream’ was launched in India very handful number of people purchased it! This was because people didn’t know the various use of mobile phones but slowly as time progressed humans progressed too!

In recent times, it has been seen that every household can be seen with a mobile phone and it is not like only one member of the house has a mobile phone but every member, even kids, and teenagers have a mobile phone now. The progress of mobile phones, today provides you with so many features that you might not even believe! Every person needs mobile phones to communicate, to use for work purposes or to study and take notes and pdfs plus you can also utilize them as a source of enjoyment! In today’s time, mobile phones have become more of a necessity than a luxury item.

Oppo’s new launches

Oppo, a Chinese mobile company, founded in 2004 by Tony Chen is also a leading company in the market which gives a tough to the other companies, have recently revealed the range of Oppo Reno 7 which will include Reno 7 5G, Reno 7 Pro 5G and the Reno 7 SE 5G.

All the three models will have a similar display of 6.40 inches and also a similar front camera of 32 MP but a slight difference will be seen in the rear camera, while Reno 7 Pro and Reno 7 will have 50MP + 8MP + 2MP, Reno 7 SE will have a rear camera of 64MP + 8MP + 2MP.  Storage and RAM of all the three models will be the same which is 128GB and 8GB respectively. We can again see a slight difference in the battery capacity, where Reno 7 SE will have a battery capacity of 4300 mAH while the other two models, Reno 7 and Reno 7 Pro, will have a slightly more battery capacity of 4500 mAH. Reno 7 SE will also come with a processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G.

Through the study of all the three mobile phones, we can see that they are almost the same with a slight difference. But all three will affect the market greatly and may catch the eyes of many consumers because of their excellent features. Oppo is supposed to launch the models later this month.

Hope to see a great result and will also love to see how the other companies will react to this. Till then keep following our page for daily updates!


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