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Our mission is to help people use technology in the most efficient way possible with our website. We help millions of people around the world by spreading our online news media website about how technology help in works, about Business, Entertainment people by giving entertainment news, and some general news, which constantly changes their lives. We just want to be your favorite News Media website.


  • All submissions are altered for accuracy, clarity, quality, and length. Union Journalism doesn’t guarantee that authors can review their work before publication thanks to time constraints inherent within the production method.
  • Submit solely exclusive content that has not been printed elsewhere (e.g., on websites, blogs, newsletters, magazines, books, etc.). Union Journalism tends to need 1st right of refusal and can copyright all works selected for publication. There aren’t any exceptions.
  • Submit solely complete works, instead of outlines or pitches. we are going to not contemplate partly completed works.
  • Submitted content shouldn’t be promotional in any method. You shouldn’t write for yourself or your company. Write to your peers and your business. This can be an opportunity to showcase your thought—not promote your company, products, services, etc. Provide the reader with clear takeaways and steps to maximize the total impact of your contribution. Contemplate together with multiple points of entry (e.g., subheadings, sidebars, stat boxes, key facts/data points).
  • References: Marketing Health Services is a magazine, not a journal. If detailed attributions are necessary, please incorporate them into the text.


  • Union Journalism takes care not to publish any inaccurate, misleading or distorted News.
  • Do not present factual content in a way that will materially mislead the audience. In some cases, this may require appropriate labels or other explanatory information.
  • Make reasonable efforts to ensure that material facts are accurate and presented in context.

Acts of violence

The media should avoid presenting acts of violence, armed robberies, banditry, and terrorist activities in a manner that glorifies such anti-social and criminal conducts.


The online format of Union Journalism allows readers to comment and share opinions on individual stories at any time after they are published. All comments are read and approved by an editor or advisor before being published on the website. Anonymous comments are not permitted.


Visit the privacy policy if you have any question regarding privacy, more information.

Victim of Rape or Indecent Assault or Sexual Harassment

  • The identity of rape victims and other victims of sexual violence will not be published by Union Journalism publications without their consent.
  • The identity of perpetrators of sexual violence and their residence after serving prison terms will not be protected by Union Journalism publications.


  • Union Journalism copyrights all original editorial content that is published in its media channels. There are no exceptions.
  • Union Journalism journalists will not use for their own purpose, material obtained or received during or in the course of their employment nor shall they pass on such information to others.
  • We own and have sole rights relating to intellectual property rights in the materials submitted and all copies thereof in whatever format.

Protection of Children

Union Journalism has a responsibility to protect children and minors from potential harm that might arise during their engagement with Union Journalism and its content. We recommend that parents/guardians supervise minor and children’s access to content, their participation in interactive services, and their exposure to news and current affairs. It is not always possible to avoid presenting content that may be distressing to some audience members.

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