Twitter Starts Locking Accounts Again


    Twitter has been Circulating new updates and in those upcoming updates there came and update which required the Users to enter their DOB. After the DOB is entered it checks whether the Person is Older than 13 years or not. But Recently Twitter is also Confirming that the user was 13 years old or not when the account was created.

    Therefore Its also now Been Officially confirmed by our team that that the social networking website “Twitter” is Locking the Accounts for Breaking their TOS.

    According to Twitter,

    Our Terms of Service require everyone who uses Twitter to be 13 or older, and we have determined that you did not meet the minimum age requirement at the time this account was created.

    Therefore it is Stopping the access to all those individual or business accounts on Twitter which were not older than 13 years when the account was created.

    Twitter Account Locked

    This Happened with Many People and currently Twitter is also Checking on their behalf for this pattern, Our Team Member after being a victim of this said “For a couple of years , I couldn’t actually update my birth year on Twitter. If I tried to select my correct DOB,it just would be grayed out,” who got himself suspended this week. “I checked again a few days earlier and noticed I could select my correct year, but as soon as I saved the change, my account got locked and error popped out.”

    The main influx of Twitter lockouts came months prior, excepting the site’s initial clients(users) whose self-announced date of birth recommended that they were under 13 when they previously joined.

    Twitter Account Banned

    Towards the beginning of this year, the organization said that it would start dealing with a long haul arrangement and will (gradually) re-establish those records. But still Many accounts are just getting to be reinstated and still many users are locked from Their Official account. Twitter has also not provided with any amount of time for the users that when their account would be reverted to original state and therefore users which made accounts prior to 13 are stuck at this phase.