Anthem Releasing Today: Find Out It’s Download Size and Install Time


    The long-awaited Bioware title, Anthem is set to launch today on 22 February. Although there is still a few hours left for the game to launch, many gamers are getting impatient. And one question most of you gamers would be asking is that ‘how big is the Anthem’ and ‘how long will it take to download and install it.’

    Many of you must also be wondering why is that even important. Well, One of the reasons it is very important is for those people who will be choosing whether to download it or purchase a physical copy. Because in order to be able to download Anthem, you must have sufficient disk space on your console and/or PC. And if not then buyers might consider buying a physical copy.

    There is also the problems of making enough disk space on your system for which you might have to delete some games. Players who have limited internet data or slower internet speed might also get into some problem.

    anthem game

    So as for the question of how big is Anthem. Anthem will be launch on all three major platforms- Xbox One, PS4 and PC. And the download size of the game for each platform is almost similar. For Xbox One it is around 37GB, for PS4 it around 40GB and for PC, developers are asking player that they are required to have at least 50GB free space. But we don’t think the download size for the PC version will be this big but players are advised to have 50GB free space just to be on the safe side.

    And as for the download and install, that will be different for each player because that will depend on your internet speed and the power of your system. The download speed also might change based on the time you download the game because servers are expected to get a bit overloaded on the day of the launch.

    In our case, it took us one hour to download the game but you could expect up to 2+ hours for your game to be download completely.