Avengers Endgame New Synopsis Teases More Dangerous Thanos


    We got the first official Synopsis for Avengers end game which teased the Avengers teaming up one more time in order to undo what Thanos. The plot synopsis also hinted at a major sacrifice would occur in Avengers endgame, in order to stop the mad Titan. We got a look at another plot synopsis for Avengers endgame which gives us a whole lot more information on what is going on in the first act of the movie including that it’s actually the Avengers following Nick Fury that seek out Captain Marvel as well as Thanos as mindset following the part it also hints at something occurring with Thanos that did not expect into Thanos that is not fully satisfied after the part.

    According to the synopsis things on earth are looking Depressing after the power of the infinity stones destroy half of the population Dennis has taken up the mantle as ruler of the universe leaving the Avengers in ruin the demigod will only expand upon his tyrannical rule unless someone manages to stop him so with no time to regret their losses Black Widow, Thor, Captain America and Bruce Banner must remain resilient.

    Avengers Endgame Thanos

    This new synopsis mainly focuses on Thanos and his tyrannical rules because it was seemingly contradicted by the Ruso brother. About a month ago the Russos as well as Josh Brolin came out and said that Thanos was completely satisfied with the part and them even beyond this he was retired. Now though it seems as if his tyrannical rule will continue to extend as according to synopsis Thanos now may even view himself as a demigod. It wants to expand himself even farther calling himself the ruler of this new universe something that was really different from the first Picture of Thanos. An infinity war this leads me into another theory that I have about Avengers endgame and the state of Thanos.

    We know that the soul stone actually goes a long way to corrupt any individual that wields it. We saw this with Red skull who had changed into some sort of a wraith. When we saw Thanos and Captain America last time in the Frist Avengers, The Russo brothers even said that soul stone goes a long way with messing with someone’s mind and altering them diminishing their very soul.

    Avengers Endgame Thanos

    Thanos is a tyrant an infinity war but he’s definitely not soulless he even goes a long way not to kill anyone that he deems unnecessary in doing so wanting the part to ultimately decide it could very well be Janice’s procession of the soul stone that altered the mad Titan a great deal that as the physical and mental damage of doing the part itself this could indicate that the Thanos that we encounter in Avengers endgame is actually way more powerful and dangerous than the one that we saw in infinity war because he’s more desperate and potentially even be altered by the power of the infinity stones viewing himself now as a demigod instead of a spiritual warrior that he was an infinity war.