Cheaters will be easily get reported in ‘Apex Legends’


    Apex legends mods banned 16000 cheaters in just two weeks into its launch. The game was launched on Feb. 5 and it is free to play so this might be the big reason for this many cheaters. Fortunately, they had already expected some cheaters might be there but the numbers of cheaters they detected was shocking. These bans might reduce the online player base of the game but still developers of the game aren’t worried about the loss.

    The developers of apex legends are doing their best to remove the cheaters from the game. As these players were gaining unfair advantage over the natural skilled players and making the game unplayable for those players.

    apex legends cheaters banned

    “As of today over 16,000 cheaters have been identified and banned from the game,” Respawn announced via Reddit on the weekend.

    They have added a report forum where players can report anyone who they seem to be suspicious. If you are one of them who is frustrated of cheaters then you can capture the evidence and let them know here:

    Even if you don’t get the proof, get the offender’s ID and flag it. But even without proof, Respawn will still go through an investigation on a suspicious account. Still, there is more to come in the future updates.

    “16000” might not seem to be a great number but considering the fact that this game is only two week old, That’s actually a huge number.