Donald Trump Wants 5G and even 6G in United States


    This month has been pretty big for 5G Network. Samsung has launched its first 5G network phone in the market, the S10 on 20 February. Huawei is also testing its 5G network in Thailand. And earlier this week Qualcomm also announced its first 5G modem, the X55.

    5G Network

    And along with this 5G is also getting the back of US President Donald Trump. In a recent tweet made by President Trump, he said “I want 5G or even 6G wireless network technology in the United States as soon as possible” and also asked American companies to Step Up their efforts and work for the future.

    In another tweet, he mentioned how he wants the United States to be the leading country in every field, especially in Technology.

    Companies have been working on the 5th Generation network since 2011 and but no company have been able to fully implement it on a large scale network. And no group or company has even started working on a 6G network. 5G Networks are expected by 2020.