Google Chrome Testing Dark Mode for Mobile Phones


    The giant search engine Google is working on the Dark Mode of Google Chrome on both Windows and MacOS operating systems. A dark mode for Android is now in the experiment with the latest Chrome 73 beta, according to a report of 9to5google. A few months back, Google features a dark mode theme on the Android Messages app. Previously, Google has done the same for its other platforms i.e Google Maps and YouTube both.

    This dark mode theme is still in development as some text, URLs are black, they forgot to invert text colors of some menus as it mixed with the dark theme. The dark mode appears in the setting menu while surfing browser, but in Chrome 73 beta menus in Incognito remain bright, just like old versions of Google Chrome.

    Chrome Dark Mode

    According to the report, the dark mode theme update is automatic and can be enabled in the browser settings on both operating systems. But according to the report by The Verge, this feature is only working in some devices, not in all Google is testing because Google is figuring out the best way to enable this feature to every operating system.

    Even when the next version of the Android operating system i.e. Android Q launched, it comes with this dark mode feature. According to Google Chrome, you can use this feature in upcoming Chrome version 74.