Honda is set to close its Swindon plant, More than 3,500 jobs at risk


    The Huge car maker company Honda will be announcing that they will shut down the car plants in 2022. Which will put the risk on losing more than 3500 jobs. According to the sources, this news has been confirmed. Sources say Honda will make an announcement on the future of the company on Tuesday morning.

    This news is also confirmed by the sky news but the company and the government both declined the comment. According to Sky, How will relocate their facility to its home market of Japan.

    Honda is set to close its Swindon plant


    It has been more than 30 years for the Honda in Swindon and they produced 100,000 Civic cars for the global market of Swindon in 2022

    Last year Honda also built over 160,000 vehicles at its British factory

    The latest reports of BBC also tells that Honda was due to announce the plant’s closure.