IAF’s Jet Crashes in Budgam District of Jammu and Kashmir


    Srinagar: The Indian Air Force’s MiG-21 aircraft collapsed at Badgam in Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday after the proud action was taken by the Indian Air Force in Pakistan. The pilot died in this. Information about the collapse occurred due to technical difficulties during the war raid. This information was given by the Air Force about this. There is still no information about the exact problem that has happened.

    IAF Jet crash

    The Indian Air Force had entered Pakistan last night and killed terrorist basins. After that, there is a war scenario in India. Indian Air Force flight from Srinagar to MiG-21 fighter planes this morning. After some time in Budgam district, it collapsed due to some technical difficulties. This is due to the accident and technical difficulties and there were two pilots in the jet. They did not go to any performance. It has been told by the Air Force that the pilot had died. But no formal information has been received about the exact technical failure.

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