Large Fire near US Farathane Storage Facility, Auburn Hills, Michigan


    Auburn Hills, Michigan– Reports are coming in that a storage facility in Auburn Hills has caught fire.

    The storage facility is located at the US Farathane facility near I-75 and University Drive. Firefighters have been called to the scene. They are working to stop the fire from spreading and douse it.

    US Farathane is a plastic plant and is the supplier of plastic parts to automotive industries. Authorities are reporting that the plant was entirely evacuated. There are no reports on any casualties.

    The Fire is largely contained in a fenced area outside the US Farathane facility and firefighter are trying to stop the fire from engulfing neighbouring areas.

    Locals of Auburn Hills are turning to Twitter to confirm the status of the fire.

    The Situation is still developing and we will report if any developments are made.