Lords of Chaos unravels the Dark History of Black Metal band, Mayhem


    This year’s Sundance film festival showcased a plethora of different films from various genres. Films such as ‘Greener Grass’, ‘ Honey Boy’ and ‘Late Night’ garnered a lot of praise from both critics and fans alike. But one film which we think was the most widely talked film of this year was Jonas Åkerlund‘s Sundance drama, Lords of Chaos.

    If you are a fan of black metal or have ever heard then you must have definitely heard the named ‘Mayhem‘. Mayhem is a Norwegian Black Metal Band is credited as being the founders of the Norwegian black metal scene, as their music has hugely influenced the black metal genre. And the movie, Lords of Chaos focuses on the band involvement in the Norwegian black metal scene and tells us the story about the band’s members and their controversial history. It is based on a book by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind. It stars It stars Rory Culkin who plays the founder of Mayhem, the infamous Euronymous.

    Rory Culkin plays Euronymous

    Throughout the band’s history, they have been involved in multiple controversies. One being the most infamous of them all is the one in which they burned down a church. Euronymous and Faust, drummer of Emperor tired to burn down Holmenkollen Chapel with a homemade bomb. Later after the bomb failed to detonate, they soaked the hymnals and Bibles in gasoline and lit them on the altar to burn down the church. This has also been featured in a clip was released yesterday in which Euronymous and Varg Vikernes can be seen trying to do the same and the story plays very similar to the real life. As, when the homemade bomb fails to detonate, they had to switch to plan B.

    Although the movie is best suited for those who are a Black Metal enthusiast as those guys will understand most of the references and event. But Lords of Chaos is also a good watch for an average moviegoer because it tells an interesting story and tells the history of the early days of the founders of Norwegian black metal scene.