Major Highways Closed Due to Flood, Sonoma County, California


    On Tuesday, The National Weather Service forecast that due to heavy rain will cause the Russian River at Guerneville in Sonoma County, California to rise 46 feet by Wednesday night. This is bad news for Califonia because this projection is worst in 24 years. And it looks like this forecast is shaping up to be true as since Wednesday Morning, Sonoma County surge of water and flooding in its street.

    This has prompted for an Evacuation Warning in all the area affected by the flood. The authorities of Neighbouring Mendocino County has also issued an evacuation warning for Hopland areas and the greater Ukiah Valley.

    The Sonoma Police Department is also warning people about the Flooded area and is asking them to evacuate ASAP.

    And Due to the flooding in the mainland Sonoma County, many of the roads and highways have also been flooded, rendering them useless. This has made Emergency Services’ job even more difficult as the highways are blocked. But Sonoma Police Department along with Sonoma emergency services are using means necessary to help those who are stranded in the flood. They are using Helicopter and Air Evacuation for hospitals and critically wounded along with boat to reach deeper into the flooded areas.

    Daniel Swain, a Climate scientist at UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability has warned the people the of North California about the Heavy cloud movement west of Bay Area. This means that Californians could expect burst of even heavier rainfall across the bay.

    According to The National Weather Service, there is no clear indication on when will the storm die down as shown by satellite imagery.