Major winter storm ground Hits US, Grounds America to a Halt


    US was hit with one of the most devastating Winter Storm this Tuesday. This has grounded all schools and public services across Mid-atlantic and Midwest to a halt.
    The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm warning which will stay in effect across every state east of Mississippi River, until Wednesday. They also said on tuesday that a swath of heavy snow is expected from Oklahoma into the Midwest, Ohio Valley, mid-Atlantic and the Northeast through Wednesday.

    They have also added that “Travel will be very difficult. The hazardous conditions will impact the morning and evening commutes. The combined weight of snow, sleet and freezing rain could result in downed branches and isolated power outages.

    Although the storm is expected to die down in the next couple of days, the National Weather Service haven’t ended the warning to be on the safe side.

    This storm has also called a major sit back to airlines as more than 1000 US flights have been cancelled so far. According to American Airlines, it had cancelled almost 400 flights that were scheduled to depart on Wednesday.

    Major winter storm ground Hits US

    American along with other airlines have issued a statement that they would charge no extra fees for changing their flight dates.

    Forecasters have predicted that the precipitation will turn into ice which will travel for the commuters to be difficult. People are advised not to go outside unless necessary and take necessary precaution while commuting.