Microsoft Corporation Stocks is a Top Pick by ‘Wedbush’ Because of Cloud


    According to the recent report by Wedbush Securities analyst, MSFT was up 0.4% to $111.39. This report was added to Wedbush’s “Best ideas list”. Their report says that the shares are rising higher in early trading.

    “Microsoft will be keep growing for the next 12 to 18 months because of their cloud computing success” said Wedbush’s Analyst Daniel lves. Microsoft’s Ceo Satya Nadella and Co believes that ” 30% of workloads in the cloud today and this will reach upto 55% by 2022.

    Microsoft Corporation Cloud Azure

    Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing system which was build by Microsoft for testing, developing, Building on their managed cloud system.

    Microsoft Azure sales in keep on growing and it grew at 76% Year-over-Year in the most recent quarter.

    “Microsoft stock is one of the best stock in which anyone can invest in the stock market” Believes Wedbush Securities.