Pakistan F-16 Shot by IAF, Video Surfaces Online

    It looks like what Pakistani authorities were saying was not true about not sustaining any casualties in Yesterday’s infiltration attempt. This is because a video has surfaced on social media in which it could be seen that Pakistani Armed Forces and Authorities are inspecting the wreckage of a Fighter. And by looking at the wreckage many experts are speculating that the wreckage is of Pakistan Air Force’s F-16.

    This looks like a part of the engine section of the F-16 as shown in this image.

    In this image, Pakistani Authorities could be seen inspecting the wreckage of the aircraft.

    In the video, it could also be seen that the Pakistani Authorities are loading up the wreckage and part of the plane on the back of a truck.

    On Wednesday Pakistan’s F-16s tried to cross the Line of Control and infiltrate the Indian Air Space. This infiltration attempt came in response to the recent Air Strike conducted by the Indian Air Force (IAF). The IAF conducted the Air Strike to take out high-value targets at JeM terror camp near the Balakot district of Pakistan.

    This infiltration attempt resulted in the interception of one Pakistan’s F-16 along with one of India’s Mig-21. The status of the F-16’s pilot is unknown as Pakistan hasn’t officially accepted any loss from their side but IAF’s Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman who was piloting the Mig-21, has been captured by Pakistani Authorities.