Pakistan Stops Commercial Flight Operation Near Border Region Airports


    In fear of Retaliation by the Indian Air Force And Indian Armed Forces, Pakistan has effectively stopped the operation of commercial flight of it’s near the border region airports

    According to ANI, “Pakistan immediately stops its domestic and international flight operations.” Those Airports include Lahore airport, Multan airport, Faisalabad airport, Sialkot airport and Islamabad airport. Pakistan authorities have not confirmed when the commercial flight operations in these airports will be restarted.



    This decision was made after Pakistan Air Force crossed the Line of Control and attempted to infiltrate the Indian Air Space. However, they were promptly pushed back by the quick reaction of the Indian Air Force.

    Indian Air Force also intercepted one of the PAF’s F-16 and shot it down. And due to in fear of further Indian retaliation Pakistan has effectively stopped the operation of Many of its near border airports.