Pakistan Violates LOC, Crosses Border and Bombs in India


    India is being attacked by Pakistan again after the yesterday’s attack. India-Pakistan tensions over the disputed area of Kashmir have persisted since the birth of the two nations in 1948.

    In the Recent India was angry over pakistan for breaking the Line and when the Pakistan’s militants carried out the suicide bombing of an Indian security convoy, killing more than 40 Indian troops.

    Current Situation

    At 11:14am Pakistani jets violate Indian air space, enter border areas of Nowshera sector in J&K’s Rajouri district: PTI quoting Officials

    At 11:33am Pakistan planes spotted in Kashmir by Indian Air Force.

    What Happened?

    The Came in India, in Rajouri District and Bombarded in the LOC. Violated the Code of Conduct as Revenge for the attack on 26 Feb 2019.