Plymouth vs Goshen: With 58-36 Plymouth


    Last nights game was a great win for the Plymouth as they came away with 58-36 win over Goshen. And on Wednesday they will be playing against the Pilgrims’ in the sectional at Elkhart’s North Side Gym.

    But Ryan Bales, coach of the Plymouth had something to say to his team, this will not be the same Goshen team that they will see in a week. “I told them that as soon as we got into the locker room,” said Bales. “We played great tonight, the bottom line is this time of year you have to play hard. Next week you have to have trust in your defense, the offense will always come. You get to the post season and that doesn’t change. The defense has to be even better.”

    Pilgrims could have performed better in the first half as they did in second half. They held Red Hawk to just eight points heading in at the break.

    Bales said, “I think Goshen had a good game plan,”  “he (Michael Wohlford) is a great coach, I thought we just had great back side help and we made them work. That was the bottom line was we wanted to make them work and by the end of the night I think we did that.”

    Bales added, “I think our bigs did a good job,…Kendall (Himes) and Bryce (Carmichael) did a good job of getting low on (Porter) Revoir, and you see what he can do. When he gets it down low he’s tough to stop.”

    “Our seniors set a great tone,” said Bales. “We battled in the paint and we battled on the wing and that’s two things that we talked about defensively we had to have great wing ball pressure and we had to battle down low.”

    The Pilgrims shooters shot 21 points in the third quarter and 16 more in the fourth in the second half of the game.
    “We were fortunate that they missed some shots,” said Bales. “They didn’t shoot the three very well tonight and fortunately we did and we really took advantage of it in the second half.”

    Plymouth with having 17 points, five rebounds and five assists, Senior Clay Hilliard ended his last regular season game. With Cole Filson scoring another 10, Tim Tremaine scoring 8 and Bryce Carmichael scoring one basket, all four of the Plymouth seniors player scored last night.
    “We know that Tim (Tremaine) can hit some shots but he had some hustle plays tonight,” said Bales. “He’s doing some really, really good things. Taking charges and diving on the floor. That’s where he’s getting his minutes along with being able to shoot the ball.”

    Plymouth is now at 14-8 and will be facing Goshen again on Wednesday.