Power outage Across West Michigan Due to Storm


    Update: Power has been restored in some parts of West Michigan Click Here

    A Super Storm has left 3000 residents of West Michigan And and nearby area with no power. This was caused high-speed wind knocking down multiple powerlines across entire West Michigan.

    The Consumers Energy outage map. outline all the areas affected by power outages. The largest affected area is around East Grand Rapids and downtown Kalamazoo.

    Consumers Energy had already warned people about the storm power and had advised them to prepare for the storm.

    Authorities had already reported that the storm would rapidly intensify this weekend as the center crosses over Wisconsin and Michigan. And while going over Michigan it knocked out several of its powerlines taking out West Michigans electricity, causing a statewide power outage.

    Emergency services are on the standby while Consumer Energy is trying to restore power in the affected areas.