Schools and Colleges Closed in Jammu and Kashmir (HIGH ALERT)


    In response to the recent infiltration attempt by the Pakistan Air Force, The State of Jammu and Kashmir announced the suspension of all Schools and Colleges upcoming 4 days.

    On Wednesday, 3 Pakistan Air Force’s F-16 tried to cross the Line of Control and infiltrate Indian Air Space. This attack was in response to recent Indian Air Strike by the Indian Air Force. IAF conducted an air strike in the Balakot district of Pakistan, across the Line Of Control.

    The objective of the Air Stike was to take out the high-value target at the Jaish-e-Mohammad Terror Camp. The mission was very successful, as many terrorists including the head of the terror camp Yousuf Azhar. Yousuf Azhar is the brother in law of Masood Azhar, head and founder of Jaish-e-Mohammad and was responsible for the hijack of Indian Airlines Flight IC-814.