“SMShing,” A new way for hackers for stealing your info


    In 21st century, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. But sometimes they also become a liability.

    We all have been called by these scam caller who pretends to be someone else and try to steal our money. Every year thousands of people are scammed and get their money stolen by these scam caller.

    Another thing which at first doesn’t seem as malicious as these scam callers are spam messages. If you are a smartphone user then may have definitely come across those.

    Messages advertising various business, services and products are sent to us by unknown sources. At first, these messages seem harmless. But these spam messages may be a part of ‘SMShing’.

    Now you might be wondering what is SMShing. Well, the word SMShing is formed with the combination of SMS and fising. These spam messages contain a link which if when clicked, takes you to a malicious or phishing website. And there they may steal various information about you such as your credit card details or your personal info.

    And if you get these spam messages occasionally then it might be because your number may already be on the “dark web”. There are various method by which these hackers can get your number and personal details. You may have provided your personal details to a fishy website such as an e-commerce website or a forum which then gets sold on the dark web. There these hackers blast your numbers with spam messages and overwhelm you with these products and services.

    If you want to check whether your number and other personal details are available to these hackers then you can use these ‘Experian‘ and ‘Have I been Pwnd‘ and as they offer free checks.