UFC Champion, Matt Hughes hit with multiple Restraining orders


    Things are looking bad for the UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes, as he is facing multiple restraining orders.

    The Former UFC Champ was recovering from a train accident from June of 2017. But it looks like his recovery is cut short because his twin brother Mark and wife Audra Hughes, both have filed a restraining order against Matt Hughes for alleged threat and abuse.

    According to a court document obtained by the TMZ, they report that Matt Hughes’ wife Audra Hughes had filed for a restrained against his husband for allegedly hitting her in front of their children. She cites a previous incident in which Audra denied giving Mark his truck key because of the head injury he sustained in the train accident.

    She also recounts another incident where Matt physically abuses her before demanding the code to his gun vault. She alleges that Matt has Choked her and also bashed her head on the wall. And according to a document listed in the Montgomery County court records database Audra Hughes has also filed for a divorce this past week. This is going to be tough for Matt because as per Audra’s restraining ordet Matt must stay 500 feet away from her and their children.

    His Brother Mark has also filed a restraining order against him. The reason Mark cited for this is that Matt hit his 15-year son for driving a tractor that Matt owned. He has also cited multiple other altercations that broke out between the two. He later found the Tractor allegedly soaked in gasoline, he believed Matt would burn the tractor.

    According to the document Mark has been granted the restraining order. And as per the restraining order, Matt has to stay away from Mark and his family.