United Methodist Church holds General Conference on LGBT rights


    The United Methodist Church’s top legislative have gathered for the future of the LGBT community in the church. The legislative is holding a discussion on how to incorporate the LGBT community in the church. This could be a monumental decision in the history of LGBT rights because this could change how the Christian community views them. This could also set a president and could influence other churches to remove the current prohibition. As of right now, churches have the authority on whether they should allow same-sex Marriage. But Methodist Church’s decision could change all of that.

    This decision will strengthen the support for same-sex marriages by removing prohibition and create a new denomination. It will take over 6 hours for the legislative to add a new amendment in the church’s constitution. Many Methodist fears that this controversy may divide many churches.

    Rev. Linda Harker is the leader of the Oklahoma delegation to the United Methodist General Meeting in St. Louis, where earlier she served as a senior pastor.

    She has boarded a plane for St Louis, Missouri, where all the Methodists were ready for the conference to discuss this issue. First, they held a prayer which was followed by the conference. They are discussing the various point of views which will be followed by voting. The voting is expected to begin on Sunday and continue throughout the day.

    Multiple plans are being considered at the conference. and one of those proposals is being called One church Plan. This would allow the church and their members to decide whether they allow gay marriage or not.