Winter storm hits Eastern Idaho, Schools and Highways Shutdown


    The Massive Winter Storm has hit the North Western part of the US pretty hard. And Idaho has been hit pretty hard because, on Sunday three local school districts, Snake River, Blackfoot and Fremont announced that they will be closing their schools on Monday.

    The National Weather Service has reported that the storm would hit Eastern Idaho pretty hard causing roadblocks due to heavy snow. Therefore the Local Schools Districts of Idaho have taken preemptive decision to shut down all schools in their respective districts.

    Fremont School District among many others has already announced that they will be closing all of their schools on Monday. Fremont School District Superintendent Byron Stutzman said, “Student safety is always the number one goal.”

    One of the reasons the Local districts are considering shutdown their school is because several East Idaho highways have been shut down due to the storm.

    Earlier The National Weather Service also updated the people of Idaho about the winter storm that has covered the state.

    But not only schools but highways are also being shut down due to the Winter Storm. Six Major highways have been closed due to the storm. The List of highways that have been closed includes Highway 20 from Ashton to the Montana state line and from west of Atomic City to Idaho Falls and from Arco to Carey, Highway 32 from Ashton to Tetonia, Highway 33 from Sugar City to Tetonia, Highway 34 from north of Soda Springs to the Wyoming border, Highway 47 from Ashton to Mesa Falls and Highway 87 from north of Island Park to the Montana state line.

    The situation is still developing and we will update you if any other highways are closed or opened back.