1 Deputy Killed and 1 Officer Injured, Suspect Shot in Kittitas County Shooting


    Kittitas County, Washington: Reports are coming out that one Kittitas County sheriff’s deputy was killed and one Kittitas PD officer was shot in the Kittitas County Shooting on Tuesday.

    The incident took place in Kittitas County “At 7:42 p.m., deputies attempted to stop a vehicle related to the driving complaint. The suspect failed to stop, resulting in a pursuit into the City of Kittitas,” the Kittitas County Sheriff said in a statement on Facebook.

    Kittitas County S.O. also released a statement on twitter saying “Multiple law enforcement agencies are on scene of an officer involved shooting in the city of Kittitas.”

    They also added that when the vehicle stopped “the suspect exited the vehicle and exchanged gunfire with a Kittitas County Sheriff’s Deputy and a Kittitas Police Officer.”

    After the shooting multiple Law Enforcement Agencies and Emergency response teams were called to the area to assists with the situation.

    Earlier reports suggested that two officers were shot by the suspect and the suspect was also shot as well. One Officer was shot in the chest area and the other officer was shot in the extremities.

    The suspect was transported to the Kittitas Valley Healthcare Center and the two officers were supposed to be taken to Harborview Medical Center via helicopter but were later rerouted to Kittitas Valley Healthcare Center as well.

    But in the latest statement by the suggest Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office suggests that the officer who was shot in the chest succumbed to his injuries at the Kittitas Valley Healthcare Center. The suspect was also reportedly died at the KV Healthcare Center.

    This is a developing situation and we will update you after more information is released.

    We will be sharing all the live updates at Union Journalism.