14 People including children dead after tornadoes Hit Alabama andd Georgia


    More than 14 people were confirmed dead on a tornadoes hit down in Alabama And Georgia On Sunday Afternoon. According to Sheriff Jay Jones, Lee County, Alabama.

    It included children adult in the death count due to tornadoes hit and about 12 deaths occurred in the area of south of Opelika, Alabama. “Several people are seriously injured and taken to the nearest hospital,” Jones said. A rescue operation is prioritized for now and authorities are making their efforts to rescue each and every people who got affected by this tornado.

    This whole incident is not by a single tornado, a series of tornadoes back to back were hitting the Alabama and Georgia on Sunday afternoon. But the first tornado was at around noon.

    Multiple homes got intensely affected due to the tornadoes and cause heavy damage. Officials announced to stay at safe places because of the more alerts of tornadoes. 

    Heavy crows gathered at Selma, Alabama to mark the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday”

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