30 Peoples are Injured, 30 cars involved in Pileups on California Highway


    After a major multi-vehicle pileup on the 5 Freeway near Gorman, the Grapevine section of the interstate was closed as the emergency crews responded to several people injured.

    The Los Angeles fire department officials claimed between 25 to 50 vehicles were involved and 30 patients were on the scene out of which 22 suffered minor injuries, 7 with undetermined injuries and one in critical condition was airlifted in critical condition.

    The injured included a 21-month-old child and a horse. The LA fire said several cars were on fire, but all the flames had been extinguished when a video from the scene showed traffic at a standstill along with one car burning.

    Kern County Fire was spotted assisting after the crash that occurred before 3 p.m. near Gorman school road. Officials sais foggy conditions played a part by making the visibility an issue.

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