7 Injured by Rocket Fired From Gaza Hit Central Israel


    Tel Aviv: 7 people including children were injured when a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit a residential building north of in central Israel, north of Tel Aviv.

    The incident took place around on Monday morning at around 5:20 am when a terrorist group operating from the Gaza Strip fired a rocket aimed at central Israel which hit a residential building injured 7 people including 2 children in the process,

    Israel Foreign Ministry has published several videos on their twitter showing the damage caused by the rocket.

    The video shows that the house which was hit by the rocket has been completely destroyed and the damage caused by the rocket was extensive.

    All the people who were injured in the incident were taken to a local hospital and are being treated there but there are no reports on their status.

    Israeli Government has also not made any comments regarding this incident but we could expect a statement from them very soon.

    This is a developing situation and we will update you after more information is released.

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