Angelina Jolie May Join MCU in upcoming ‘The Eternals’


    With Marvel’s Phase 3 coming to an end with the release of Avengers: Endgame, we will the finishing the infinity Saga and finally will start Phase 4 with the Spiderman: Far From Home. But this is not the only thing to be excited about because there are reports that Angelina Jolie might be joining the MCU in the upcoming ‘The Eternals’ which is set to be direct by Chloe Zhao.

    This news came out of nowhere as there weren’t any previous rumours or leak of her being interested in joining the MCU. Although it should be noted that this is not the first time Angelina Jolie is starring is a comic book movie. She starred in the live action adaption of ‘Wanted’ and which she played an elite hitman who was part of a group that could bend bullets.

    Angelina Jolie May Join MCU in upcoming 'The Eternals'

    There isn’t much news about Marvel’s The Eternals as they are keeping it under tight wrap and Marvel sure knows how to do this as they previously on numerous occasions misdirected and mislead people into thinking something different.

    So you might be wondering who eternal are. Well according to Marvel, “When the Celestials visited Earth five million years ago and performed genetic experiments on early proto-humanity, they created two divergent races: the long-lived Eternals, and the genetically unstable and monstrously grotesque Deviants.”

    So we know who are celestials. They were introduced in the Guardian of the Galaxy 1. ‘Eson the Searcher’ who wielded the power stone and destroyed a whole planet in a flashback. ‘Knowhere’ is GOG is actually a severed head of a dead Celestial. And we have also met Peter quill aka star lord’s dad ‘Ego the living planet’ who also calls himself a celestial.

    Angelina Jolie May Join MCU in upcoming 'The Eternals'

    But that is not all because even though we haven’t met any eternal in the MCU, we have met a deviant. And that Deviant is ‘Thanos.’ Yes, Thanos is Deviant, and any this might explain why Thanos is so powerful and was able to wield the infinity stone with the help of the gauntlet.

    So enough with the crash course on Marvel’s history. now all we have to do is wait for marvel or Angelina to officially announce the news.