Avalanche rolling down got captured near Interstate 70 at Ten Mile Canyon

    A driver captured an avalanche rolling down through Ten Mile Canyon between Frisco and Copper Mountain on Sunday.

    The Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) says ” These types of Avalanches with Large Power can occur during heavy snowfall event”.

    CAIC even tweet the video of Avalanche rolling.

    Spokesperson of CAIC said “It was not a controlled slide. It was a natural avalanche,”

    CAIC says “No enough snow was made into the roads to effect the driver on Highway”

    The highway is not effected by this Avalanche and the interstate will remain open. But I-70 Tunnel was closed for safety precautions on Sunday.

    CAIC issues a notice on heavy snowfall and an avalanche warning for the Monday, March 4 morning on the northern and central mountain.
    A Crew is working to take control of these Avalanches near mountain highways.
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