A Bank robbery ended at Interstate 440 in Raleigh


    Police were Chasing The Bank robbery as the robbers robbed the First Tennessee Bank on Falls of Neuse Road near Sandy Forks Road. Suspect wasn’t still caught as he ran away, the authorities are still searching for him.

    What Happened?

    This Friday afternoon, A bank robber who was trying to escape broke his car and due to a crash which led to the shut down of the Interstate 440 westbound in Raleigh, police said.

    The area where the accident was accounted for soon after 12:40 p.m. at mile marker 6 in the region of Glenwood Avenue close Ridge Road, Raleigh, which is exit 7A, as indicated by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

    Upto two Miles the trafic has been shutdown and officials are informed to clear the pathway until 4pm.