Bethesda Launches Rage 2, Doom Eternal, Fallout 76 and More on Steam


    Will you Love playing Rage 2? Would DOOM eternal be your favourite? Have you always rooted for Wolfenstein? Or was Fallout 76 more of your style? Was it because of Bethesda you were holding back on your addiction?

    Well, here is your moment! More like moments(as in plural)! Bethesda sold all of these games to Steam. RAGE 2, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot and DOOM Eternal will be brought to Valve’s storefront on release. “Fallout 76 will be later brought this year”, Bethesda posted yesterday. This short term race might be destined to play out.

    As huge publishers like Ubisoft claim their allegiance for the Epic Games store, others like Bethesda stick by Steam. The text in between the lines here is that Valve is possibly striking deals of its own to keep publishers like Bethesda on its store which is unconfirmed as of now.

    However, one way to garner this sort of favour would be renegotiating revenue splits with the industry’s biggest names. Whatever’s happening, it looks like it’s just starting to get a bit interesting. Let’s sit back, relax and let the things play out by itself!