Carjacker Stabs Pregnant Woman Multiple Times in Tujunga, Los Angeles


    Los Angeles, California: During a Carjacking, a Pregnant Woman was stabbed multiple times by two suspects at around 6 pm, Los Angles Police reported.

    The Crime took place around 10800 block of Eldora Avenue when two suspects approached the women and tried to steal the woman’s Kia. In the confrontation the woman was stabbed multiple times by the suspects, Police reported.

    The suspects then crashed the vehicle. They then proceeded to flee on foot when they were picked by their accomplices.

    Police have identified the vehicle as 2016 or 2017 VW Jetta with temporary license plate AH53E70.

    Police have described one of the suspects as a Hispanic male, 5-feet 10-inches tall and between 20-27 years old. The suspect was wearing a black sports jersey, possibly of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Police have also identified the other 3 suspects. Two suspects were identified as Hispanic males while the -fourth suspects was identified as a Hispanic woman.

    They have asked the public to contact them with any information regarding the suspects and/or the vehicle.

    No further information is made available by LAPD.

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