Colonies on Mars, But it will never be a new Earth


    Mars has been the focus of scientific study for possible human colonization. Mars’s surface conditions and past presence of liquid water create it arguably the foremost hospitable planet within the system besides Earth.

    Therefore, NASA and private entrepreneurs like Elon Musk of SpaceX have shown a strong interest in it.NASA envisions men and women will be living on Mars by 2069. Musk believes he can land small parties on Mars by the mid-2020s. On the other hand, Aerospace engineer Dr Thomas, Australia’s first astronaut in space, said that we would have colonies on Mars. But the aforesaid humans ought to never read Mars as a backup possibility for Earth.


    He said mars has a harsh environment. It will never be second earth. Geologist Dr Jon Clarke who works at simulated Martian camps said the shortest trip to Mars could take three to four months if electric power was used.

    Another complication is that a lot of fuel is required to get off the earth’s surface and enter into space. One option is to have a 36000km long tether which is still a prototype. More sophisticated rocket launch propulsion is required.

    Hydrogen fuel is also taken into consideration. When asked about the human mission, they explained that the robot mission is way cheaper. But there is a drawback, Robots do not possess the curiosity that Humans have by nature.