Colorado Bureau of Investigation release details of Chirs Watts family Murder


    Colorado: the Convicted killer who killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters agreed to share some more details of the murder. These details were about the Shanann Watt, her unborn child and two daughters were aired at national television on Tuesday.

    Watts had a conversation of about an hour with an investigator from FBI, CBI and a member of the Police Department in Wisconsin.

    Chris told that At night he and his wife Shannan had a fight and in that fight, he confessed to having an affair.

    According to the report, He squeezed his wife’s neck with his two hands around her neck

    .He also told that Bella her daughter walked into the room and asked him that ” What are you doing to mommy?”, when he was squeezing his pregnant wife to death.

    He told the investigator that his wife never fought back or screamed.

    Criss watts lied to reporters that his family disappeared. He told that “When I came home. But after a day Criss Watts was arrested as the bodies of his wife and children were found.

    He was charged with first-degree murder of a child under the age of 12 and her wife and an unborn child.