Donald Trump in Lawson Army Airfield, Georgia


    Aviation-based armed forces One arrived at Fort Benning this Friday morning in front of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s Lee as they reached County for the tornado aftereffects to pay a visit.

    Relatives talk about friends and family that they lost in the tornado episode in Beauregard, Alabama. The Sunday, March 3, 2019, the tornado left was 23 dead and others harmed.

    Trump will take a helicopter from the landing strip to Auburn, Ala. He will put in a couple of hours in east Alabama before advancing down to Palm Beach, Florida, where he’s planned to talk at Mar-a-Lago for a pledge drive.

    Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Fort Benning authorities and different visitors were seen on the landing strip in front of Trump’s entry.

    You can see the Full Video of Donald Trump here Below.

    Record Enquirer and McClatchy columnists are on the ground at Fort Benning, Beauregard, Ala. also, in the president’s press pool.

    All updates will be Given later on.