EU Lawmakers back Controversial Copyright law aiming Facebook, Google


    Updating 20 years all old laws, EU hopes it will provide a safer internet for artists and the copyright reforms shall now bring a financial and content safety for everyone.

    Article 13 meant that all the unlicensed content, inclusive of photos, videos, sound tracks that is shared will hold the website accountable. Such actions would meant that licence fee should be paid or the content has to be pre-licensed.

    Critics, Wikipedia and other countries like Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Poland have refused these internet reforms under the concern that this may harm freedom of expression and also may cost a lot.

    And Google also exclaimed that this reform would bring legal uncertainty and shall hurtEurope’s creative industry. But unlike these, the commission’s Digital Chief, Andrus Ansip welcomed the reform and said this reform would improve the already detoriating condition of writers, journalists, singers and musicians.

    He also said a right balance and necessary obligation is what this vote shall bring. The thin line that’s getting blurred between accessing freedom of expression and exploiting the freedom is what the commission wanted to certainly resolve.