FDA Reviews the Safety Breast Implants After New Findings


    The ugly truth behind beauty is the uprising concern that US experts may wish to look upon. As breast augmentation becomes the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in 2018, the risk that comes with breast implant also rises.

    When compared to 2017, there was 4% growth observed in breast implant surgery as observed by ASPS data researchers. This treatment although has very less been reported of causing any side or ill effects, but also the cases of pain and fatigue reported after breast implant surgery from the patients cannot be ignored.

    To look after the safety and consequences of breast implant, FDA(Food and Drug Administration) has decided to hold a meeting for the same. The meeting will be open to public and shall discuss the risks and benefits involved in a breast implant.

    There have been reports of breast implant being linked to a rare cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma, the meeting shall discuss over the reports related to these cases.

    While the FDA doesn’t have enough evidence which claims that breast implant is associated with such intense disease, they are looking to make the public aware of the details of the treatment. The upcoming two-day meeting shall be an open platform for doctors and patients to communicate risks and benefits associated with a breast implant.