Firefighters fighting Massive 7 Alarm Fire at New England Casket Co, East Boston


    Update: East Boston, Fire at New England Casket Co. Raised to 8th Alarm

    Boston, Massachusetts: Boston Fire Department is fighting a massive 7 alarm fire at the New England Casket Company in East Boston.

    The Fire has caused the suspension of the Blue Line service from Orient Heights to Wonderland for Eastbound and Westbound service by the request of Boston Fire Department.

    At around 3:04 pm the Boston Fire Department got a “report of a building fire,” “at 24 Bennington New England Casket,” Boston Fire Dept. said on their twitter.

    At that time the fire was only a 3 alarm fire but the fire grew very quickly. At around 4 pm raised the fire to 4 alarms.

    And after the intensity of the fire grew, the fire was raised 5th and then subsequently 6th alarm.

    At around 5 pm the Boston Fire Dept. raised the fire to 7th alarm.

    This caused the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to shut down the blue down and stops its service between Orient Heights and Wonderland.

    Boston Fire Dept. are still battling the fire and we will update this story if any developments are made.

    We will be sharing all the live updates at Union Journalism.