Flood Report : Cyclone Idai kills over 700, still counting.


    The harsh weather in sections of eastern and southern eastern Africa sustains. Cyclone Idai and floods in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi have affected thousands and killed at least 732 people.

    Cyclone lashed the Mozambican port city of Beira with the wind speed of up to 170 kilometres per hour last week, then moved interior to Zimbabwe and Malawi.

    In all the three countries, survivors have been searching through remains for victims, and struggling for shelter, food and water, while governments and aid agencies are hurrying in for help. Land and Environment Minister Celso Correia said that the situation is still critical, but it is getting better.

    He said some 1,500 people were in need of immediate rescue from rooftops and trees. Helicopters and boats are carrying individuals to refuge. At the refuge, groups cooked with wood from trees ripped up by the storm, as toddlers played around battered school desks.

    The United Nations’ humanitarian office informed that more flooding may come as heavy rains drenched into the low-lying Beira region and nearby dams have filled up, threatening to burst the Buzi and Pungwe rivers again.

    Lately, some cholera cases have also been reported. Left with oblivion, several survivors were worrying for his or her future, whereas others mourned losses.