Flooding in Montana, Interstate 90 from Hardin to state line closed


    Flood is a huge disaster and can harm many lives and caused destruction all around. Many buildings, cars are just flushed away the whole city would mesh away. Flood is a natural disaster but it can be affected by human activities. Recently these floods are in Hardin and places are in danger of destruction all around.

    These floods are due to nearby little bighorn river and it could be from snow belt run off and possibly due to ice melting there was a flood warning in crow agency flooding could also affect highway 212, Hardin and lodge grass near the little bighorn river.

    Likewise, various destruction and damages are there as due to flood many daily problems are created many places are affected which affect the normal life of the people. The situation is very critical many warning letters are issued to various places so that there would be a less distruction and save lives .so the only thing that people would do is escape from the place which is in danger of flood and carries the important thing with them so that the problem will overcome.